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4 things diabetic patients should keep in mind during monsoon

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Whether you enjoy it or absolutely recoil at the thought of stepping out in the mess, the monsoons are here again. Monsoon calls for extra care for diabetics as part of their diabetes management as they not only have to avoid unhealthy food cravings but also manage their exercise regime which tends to get disturbed due to low energy levels and spoils your diabetes management regime. Diabetics should avoid getting drenched in the rain. But if they are compelled to head outdoors due to work or other reasons then they should adhere to these guidelines:- 

  1. While it is always healthier to eat home-cooked food, it is especially recommended during monsoons. This way, you can be sure of hygiene, quality and the nutritional value of your food. In fact, sticking to home-cooked food especially for diabetics, cuts down the risk of contracting infections or diseases. So, avoid eating outside as much as possible.
  2. Hot and humid weather in monsoons may lead to dehydration, in spite of normal activity level. Drinking additional fluids will assist replace fluid lost through sweating. People with diabetes should consume more fluids. Especially water and coconut water. Apart from this, they should drink warm fluids like soups, ginger tea etc.
  3. Monsoon brings along increased bacterial growth and risks of fungal infections. Since diabetics are prone to developing these infections faster than non-diabetics, they need to be extra cautious of maintaining hygiene. Washing hands frequently is one way to avoid fungal infection. 
  4. The weather is too good and this makes it even more difficult to get out of the cozy bed and go out for the regular morning walk, jog or gym routine. Do not stop your exercise routine in monsoon. Everyday minimum of 30 minutes of exercise especially for diabetic patients is very important to keep their blood sugar under control.

Monsoon is meant for washing away blues and bringing a smile on everyone’s faces. As a diabetic, you must take extra care of health to be safe. Follow the tips mentioned above to ensure that diabetes doesn’t restrict you from living to the fullest.

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