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5 ways to cut down on your medical expenditure

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On an average, the amount of money spent on health care forms almost 7% of the total expenditure of every Indian household because most of us have a poor lifestyle. We tend to ignore our health issues and fail to take proper care of ourselves. Delayed diagnosis and treatments, along with high inflation in health care are other factors that contribute to high medical bills we often pay. And hence there is a dire need to cut down on your medical bills without putting your health at risk of course. Read on to know some tried and tested ways by which you can save huge sums of money- be it on doctors consults, medicines, medical tests or hospital bills without compromising on the quality of healthcare you receive or your overall health and well-being. 

  1. Improve your lifestyle– It is rightly said – “health is wealth”. Most of the health issues are caused due to the poor lifestyle we lead. A few simple changes in your lifestyle- a healthy, balanced diet, regular exercise for at least 30 minutes daily, giving up on addictions like drinking and smoking- go a long way to ensure you stay healthy and avoid unnecessary medical expenditures.
  2. Get a health insurance plan– If you don’t have health insurance, your medical emergency can turn into a financial emergency. Health insurance plans vary greatly in their range and scope; they cover all your basic healthcare needs right from routine check-ups or dental check-ups to medical emergencies. Moreover, sometimes, healthcare costs are so shockingly high, that you may not even be able to afford treatment unless you are protected by a sound insurance plan. So, get yourself insurance as soon as possible. 
  3. Choose preventive care options– Prevention is always better than cure. Health insurance plans and health care membership programs entitle you to receive health check-ups, immunizations and cholesterol and dental exams etc. Taking full advantage of these health insurance facilities can help you to spot a brewing health condition at an early stage before it escalates into far more serious problems that require more extensive treatment, and greater expenditure. Vaccines on the other hand, can prevent grave conditions from striking you in the first place.
  4. Follow the doctor’s orders – Even after taking all the preventive measures, a huge mistake most of us make is to stop a medication course because it is completed because the symptoms have left us. Following your doctor’s orders regarding completing the course of a medicine is very important and on failing so, it might affect your health in the long run. Your conditions may relapse and even worsen and as a result you will end up spending more than what was necessary. 
  5. App it up– It is very essential to preserve all your medical records safely. But carrying the records everywhere gets difficult. And in case of emergencies you might not have the records on hand making the situation more stressful. And so, to make your life simpler we have developed an app where you can preserve all your medical reports digitally and have it on hand in case of emergencies. Make full use of this advantage by downloading the Easocare app. To download it for free, click here

Your health is not something you should compromise on, especially due to financial constraints. Make use of the above tips to keep your healthcare expenditure low and yourself healthy, so that you can spend your hard-earned money in other, more fulfilling avenues and if the need arises, you can afford the best quality healthcare available.


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